Eating and biking our way through the Americas .... and beyond!

Hello Anchorage!

Beer sampling at the Midnight Sun Brewing Company

Just a quick update before we head out for dinner …..

We had a good flight to Anchorage. Alaska Airlines has some of the friendliest flight attendants ever! :)

We appear to have chosen the worst possible place to stay in Anchorage, … the “Deluxe Double Room” has not lived up to expectations … but we don’t mind as its relatively cheap, and we are busy preparing for our trip.

David’s TDA friend Erica picked us up from the airport, which was fantastic (thank you Erica!). Yesterday Erica drove us to REI, Sportmans Warehouse, the local hardware store etc etc, where we bought all manner of camping essentials, including 2 huge cans of bear spray! After our shopping expedition, Erica introduced us to the delights of the local Midnight Sun Brewing Company, where we sampled some interestingly named ales …. such as the ‘Panty Peeler’, ‘Keep on Humpin’, ‘Fairy Dust’ and ‘Pleasure Town’. ‘Pleasure Town’ was my favourite, followed by the ‘Panty Peeler’ ….! David’s favourite was ‘Fairy Dust’. The ales were followed by some very tasty burgers and then some more ales. Thanks Erica for an awesome second day to our tour.

We have decided to stay an extra day in Anchorage so that we can go hiking on Monday with Erica.  So the cycle tour will officially kick off on Tuesday …. can’t wait to get out on the open road!