Eating and biking our way through the Americas .... and beyond!

Winter is coming ….

We have made it to the friendly city of Whitehorse, Canada! Unfortunately, we appear to have started our bike tour a bit late …. although we have had pretty good weather so far, most of the places that we pass on our bikes are already closed for the winter, even though its only early Autumn and there is apparently already a lot of snow on the road in British Columbia and Alberta. We expected it to be cold, but we didn’t expect so many businesses to have closed by this time of year, making it hard to find food and campgrounds … and “food” is very important to us here at Eat Bike Globe! So, we have reluctantly decided to hire a car and drive to Vancouver (via Calgary). We will then bike down the West Coast of the USA, instead of our original plan to cycle through Montana and Wyoming, which will give us more time in Central and South America. So look out Chris Clyde and our other San Fran friends – we should be in your area in late October! :)