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We are in stunningly beautiful, but incredibly wet, Costa Rica now! We crossed the border on Friday and were almost immediately greeted by the rainy season. The headwind that had accompanied us relentlessly through Nicaragua disappeared and was replaced by drenching rain. We are in Tilaran at the moment and will be heading to Monteverde today for some bird watching (no doubt, in the rain!).

Unfortunately, we have continued to have bad luck with David’s spokes. To date, we have broken 10 spokes (1 on my bike and 9 on David’s bike – all on the back wheels). The spokes are breaking in the middle, which indicates a bad batch. We only have 2 spares left and think it is unlikely that we will be able to make it all the way to Panama City, as David seems to be breaking a spoke a day. We hope that we can make it to San Jose on the remaining spokes and will then have to catch a bus to Panama City.

We had hoped to sail from Panama to Colombia (via the San Blas islands), but the boat trip was too expensive – US$1400+ with the bikes. So, instead we have a flight booked on 4th June from Panama City to Medellin and a full set of new spokes, for all 4 wheels, will (hopefully) be waiting for us when we arrive! :)