Eating and biking our way through the Americas .... and beyond!

Salta to Bariloche, Argentina by bus

We cheated and took a bus from Salta to Bariloche!

From Salta, we decided to cheat a bit and skip ahead to Bariloche. We hadn’t heard great things about the next stretch, which was apparently mostly ‘pampa’ (prairie) landscape and looking out the bus window every now and again, we weren’t disappointed by our choice.

We took the bus, which was quite an ordeal with bikes! Having taken buses at various times on our trip this was only the second time where we were required to separately ship our bikes (which we hated doing), as there was no room for bikes as luggage on the double decker long haul Argentinian buses. So, we were forced to ship them to Bariloche with Andes Mar for 1588 Argentine Pesos (US$90). We were aware that Andes Mar do not always like to accept bikes as cargo items, as they are a bulky item to transport. So we made a special effort to wrap them up with bits of old cardboard and thankfully, the staff were reasonably nice to us and accepted them with minimal complaints. AND most importantly, our bikes arrived safely in Bariloche at the end of their journey!

The bikes took a few extra days to arrive in Bariloche, so we took the opportunity to hire a car and visit the Cafayate wine region – a lovely little side trip and highly recommended by car or bike! If you have time, we definitely recommend a tour at Piattelli Winery :)