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Chile: Our day trip to the Valle de la Luna

Spectacular sunset, Valle de la Luna, near San Pedro de Atacama

After cycling the Laguna Route in Bolivia, we were in need of some recovery time off the bike in San Pedro de Atacama. We went on a day trip to the famous Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), which also included brief stops at the Mirador Piedra del Coyote (Coyote Stone Lookout) and the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley).

The Valle de la Luna forms part of the Reserva Nacional los Flamencos and is one of the driest places on earth. The landscape basically consists of sand, salt and a few rocks. We spent a couple of hours exploring the valley, including a dark tunnel made of salt. The landscape was quite surreal and beautiful in a barren type of way and the sunset was gorgeous. Check out the photos!